christian jesus, I will determine a suicide

by seht

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Originally released on Foxglove CDR

"sailing on seas of light, seht's latest journey begins as a damaged boat heading toward the edges of oblivion. even as it sinks into its icy grave, the victorian-inspired sounds of whimsy and celebration echo through the caustic waves. this music is ghostly and soothing but everything takes a turn for the worse as it heads into the home stretch. metallic sludge rises and falls, churning up everything in its path like a tornado destined to find the gates of hell. these dark and murky drones leave everything to the imagination, but you have to jump in headfirst, as seht is not here to hold your hand. another mesmerizing, ambient masterpiece." -- Foxglove

"seht is easily one of my favorite current NZ sound makers... illustrates his drone prowess with two longer pieces of ambient haze that combine mechanized pulse and organic breath into deep minimal workouts... brings to mind any number of masters in the genre." -- Lee Jackson, Deep Water Acres

"thunder rolling across pylon-studded plains - high wire hum and ominous drone" -- Boa Melody Bar website


released July 1, 2006




seht New Zealand

seht first appeared with the full-length CD-r "dronemusic" in 2001, on Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon. Years passed, releases flowed -- including the critically acclaimed "The green morning" on Digitalis, and "dead bees ((the((quiet)earth))suite)" on PseudoArcana. In 2009, seht returned to Digitalis for the release of the full-length LP "HRRY". ... more

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